ISDN connection your ideal choice for internet access? Find our the difference between DSL vs ISDN

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DSL vs ISDN Connection

DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, make use of existing telephone lines to transfer data to users at high speeds — as much as 100 times faster than standard analog modems. With the help of DSL, all websites which usually takes minutes to download through a dial-up connection can be downloaded in seconds. In addition to this, huge files can be delivered in seconds, and bandwidth-hogging applications such as online meetings and video cams work efficiently.

ISDN Connection

ISDN, or Integrated Services Digital Network, on the other hand uses phone lines in use to deliver data, voice and fax transmissions over the same phone line. Till the time DSL was introduced, ISDN was considered as the least expensive option for small and medium-sized companies to get a fast digital connection to the Internet or a corporate Local Area Network (LAN). 

ISDN connection transfers at speed up to 128 kbps, considerably faster than a dial-up modem connection


The DSL vs ISDN table given below highlights key differences between both the technologies :

DSL vs ISDN Connection

ISDN Connection
Maximum Speed 128kbps

DSL Connection

DSL Speed - Average 384 kbps

DSL Speed - Top Speed 1.5kbps

Consistent Data Rate Yes Yes Yes
Same Speed Both Directions Yes Yes Yes
Per Minute Usage Fees Yes Not Applicable Not Applicable
Transfer Rate in seconds
100 KB Word File 8 3 1
500 KB PDF attachement 39 13 3
1 MB image file 78 26 7
2 MB Power Point file 156 52 13

As shown in the DSL vs ISDN table above, DSL main advantage over ISDN is even the slowest DSL connection is still faster than any ISDN connection available. In addition, since DSL is “always on,” there are no per-minute charges. With a number of speed options from 144 kbps to 1.5 mbps — and  faster dsl connection options coming in the near future — DSL connection fulfills all your requirements.

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